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Calling all Garden DIYers… we’ve got what you need.

Breaking News-- DS Handymen now delivers mulch, stone, and top soil for the DIYers out there!

Do you like to do it all yourself?

It’s ok, we get it. Nothing better than breaking a sweat, getting a little dirty, and having beautiful gardens to show for it. We can help you do that. Are your gardens bare and sad? Give us a call today and let us know how big your gardens are. We can help you figure out how much mulch you’ll need, then we’ll bring it to you. Need stone for a walkway? We got it. Adding a new garden and you need some good top soil? We’ve got that too… and we will deliver it to your yard. The only work you’ll have to do is… well, the work! 

Now, DS Handymen can deliver you the materials you need to make your gardens look amazing!

Mulching your gardens will not only add to your curb appeal, it will help your gardens retain the moisture needed for your plants to thrive. Mulch will deter weed growth, and also keep the dirt where it belongs… in your garden and not your grass, driveway, and sidewalk!

We also deliver stone and top soil…everything you need for your next landscaping project. 

Whether you like to do it yourself, or you like to save a little money and get a great workout in, DS Handymen is here for you. Call us today and we will schedule a delivery for you.

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