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Now... introducing the Pigeon Division!

Interior and Exterior Design and Construction

The Bear and the Bird work together to bring you expanded Interior and Exterior Design and Construction services!

After years of collaborating together, D.S.Handymen Inc. officially welcomes Nichole Pigeon and her crew to lead an expanded interior and exterior construction division. 

A graduate of Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT) Design School, Nichole is a talented professional with an outstanding reputation for pride in her work. Our “Pigeon Division” premium crew has over

40 years’ collective experience in a full range of custom design, trim work, cabinets, drywall, paint, tile, and finish work, in addition to exterior projects. Our full-service team has the craftmanship to move your projects to the next level and focuses on complete customer satisfaction! 

Call us for your free estimate today! 716 803 0091

These before and after pictures speak for themselves! Look at the amazing results you can expect from our team!